Tuesday, October 1, 2013

If I had a blog

Coming from Mark's facebook post a couple of days ago,
 "So, if I had a blog, I would talk about how blessed we feel right now and all the exciting things happening in our lives. 
1. How Caden is learning so much, starting identifying letters in words by hearing them, how he is perfecting riding the bike without training wheels.
2. How Tate is doing such an awesome job with potty training and how the end of diapers is in sight!!!
3. How Sara is becoming a pro at fixing computers, how great it is to have her working at a school 1 1/2 blocks away from the church and how she walks to the church several times a week so we can have lunch together.
4. How wonderful it is to have our own home with huge trees and a great yard for the boys. And how much potential there is to do ministry here.
5. How excited I am to jump into ministry at my new church. How much fun it has been to start new relationships with people of all ages there. How supported I have felt from my new sr. pastor and staff. How excited I am to build relationships with and walk beside students.
We have seen God's hand at work in our lives. We praise Him for where we have been (even those early mornings during the hot summer days on the farm) and we look forward for the days, weeks and years to come." 

Hey honey I have a blog!  You can post on here anytime! :) 

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