Wednesday, July 3, 2013


 The past couple of weeks Caden took swim lessons and has really been enjoying swimming.  He thinks he is really good and can do it all by himself.  He tells his teachers, "I can do my floats all by myself!"  Then tries it and it doesn't go so well.  He has had this "I can do it myself" and "I'm brave.  I'm not afraid of anything." mentality for awhile now.   He has also been wearing a red cape that was made by our friend back in Shawnee about everyday all day long.  He has only taken it off for sleeping because we wouldn't let him sleep in it.  Yesterday he wore it to the zoo.  Every time a person made a comment about it, he would puff up his chest with pride, smile, and say, "I am brave and strong but I'm not the real Superman." He's so funny.  Running fast and jumping off things to make the cape go up like he was flying.  I love how Tate has been following right behind Caden thinking he is a superhero too.  I pray everyday as both boys do get more brave trying new things they are making smart choices and relying on God when things get hard. 

     I heard part of a story the other day on K-Love and since I didn't catch it all I had myself and Mark listening for the next two days to try to find out who the music artist was that was sharing their story.  I finally figured it out with the help of Mark...okay Mark figured it out.  I was very excited.  It was the story of a new music artist band named, Love and the Outcome. Basically their story is that they sold everything they had to go on the road and tour.  They don't know the outcome of their future but they know that they trust God and through His love they will make it through anything.  Their song He is with us speaks for so much of where Mark and I are at on this journey.  Right now we can't see the outcome but we know God's love is great and He know's what he's doing.
I love the lyrics.  This song is such a great reminder that He's holding on to us and He is always with us.
Even Superheros need a reminder.

Remember when your hope is lost and faith is shaken
Remember when you wonder if you're gonna make it
There's a hand stretched out through your deepest doubt
We can't pretend to see the ending or what's coming up ahead
To know the story of tomorrow
But we can stay close to the One who knows

We can trust our God
He knows what He's doing
Though it might hurt now
We won't be ruined
It might seem there's an ocean in between
But He's holding on to you and me
And He's never gonna leave, no
He is with us, He is with us
Always, always
He is with us, He is with us

We believe there is purpose, there is meaning in everything
We surrender to His leading
He wants nothing more than to have us close

Our faith is sealed
Our hope is real
Come what may
We're not afraid
Our faith is sealed
Our hope is real
Come what may
We're not afraid
We're not afraid

Joshua 1:9 (The Message) 
Then you’ll get where you’re going; then you’ll succeed. Haven’t I commanded you? Strength! Courage! Don’t be timid; don’t get discouraged. God, your God, is with you every step you take.”

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